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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Logos Designing

Why Logos and Brands are So Important ?

Sometimes, a single line or even a single word speaks volumes about your business.

Building a brand is actually creating a name, an identity, an image and even more like delivering a comprehensive, effective message that people can always trust. And the logo is like the tip of the iceberg - not big in volume but always at the top and the first to come into sight. It has to be there at all times, on all your marketing material - online and offline.

Why Logos and Branding are So Important

The importance of a properly designed logo and branding is that they always stick to one's mind. We created a completely new brand for a client in the tourism industry. We found, that after the first twelve months, there was a 500% increase in tourism sponsored by the company; that was a bottom line result. Another, similar result was seen earlier this year; the web traffic increased by 68% after the launch of brand just in the last year. That's the kind of massive impact - bottom line impact - a properly designed logo can have.

Besides getting the logo, which will be in high resolution and suiting all formats, our professional logo designers will also deliver branding guidelines to you, that you will need in your next step; these are the fonts and color references for print and electronic media.

Without establishing the branding rules, your future advertising through marketing materials can never be effective.


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